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Mann, D., & Stapleton, D., (2011). Fiscal austerity and the transition to twenty-first century disability policy: A road map.
This project includes seven research studies to support University of New Hampshire’s Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Employment Policy and Measurement. These This project includes studies to expand knowledge of the effects of program incentives on employment outcomes of people with disabilities by analyzing data from several restricted access administrative data sources.
2011 Demographics
Mann, D., & Stapleton, D., (2012). A roadmap to a 21st century disability policy.
Despite decades of increases in program participation and spending, the disability support infrastructure in the United States and the economic independence of people with disabilities have eroded. Rather than tighten eligibility or reduce program benefits, this issue brief proposes gradual programmatic reforms and evidence-based structural changes to improve the economic status of Americans with disabilities.
2012 Employment
Mann, D., & Wittenburg, D., (2012).: Back to work: recent SSA employment demonstrations for people with disabilities.
This issue brief summarizes short-term impacts from four large scale- demonstration projects by the Social Security Administration designed to increase the economic self-sufficiency of Supplemental Security Income recipients and Social Security Disability Insurance beneficiaries.
2012 Employment
Mann, D., & Wittenburg, D., (2015). Starting behind: wage and employment differentials between young adults with and without disabilities. Journal of Disability Policy Studies, 26(2), 89-99
2015 Employment
Mann, D., (2013). Building the Bridge to a 21st Century Disability Policy.
National Association of Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA, April 2013.
2013 Measurement
Mann, D., (2017). Learning from state vocational rehabilitation agency variation on the eve of WIOA: State differences in service receipt and employment outcomes by employment status at application.
NARRTC Annual Meeting, April 2017, Alexandria, VA.
2017 Employment
Mann, D.R., (2018, October). Do short-term changes in funding improve vocational rehabilitation outcomes? evidence from the ARRA.
National Council on Rehabilitation Education Fall Conference, Arlington, VA., October 2018
2018 Employment
Mann, R., (2017). Rhode Island’s Temporary Disability Insurance Program: An exploratory outcomes analysis.
Center for Studying Disability Policy Issue Forum, February 2017, Princeton, NJ.
Type: Other
2017 Employment
Matulewicz, H., (2016). When Every Dollar Counts: Comparing Reported Earnings of Social Security Disability Program Beneficiaries in Survey and Administrative Records.
August 2016, Chicago, IL.
2016 Demographics
Mizrahi, J., Stapleton, D., & Wittenburg, D., (2014). Implementation of WIOA: Lessons from Research on Employment.
RespectAbility Webinar, October 7, 2014.
2014 Employment