The Center for Research on Disability conducts grant-funded, disability-focused research at the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire. On this page, learn more about our current and past funded projects.

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The Disability Statistics and Demographics Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (StatsRRTC) advances the use and usefulness of disability statistics and demographic data to inform disability policy and the provision of services to individuals with disabilities.

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Through a cohesive and complementary schedule of training activities, coupled with purposeful and effective mentorship, our program provides postdoctoral research associates with the necessary knowledge and skills to investigate the impacts of government programs, employer practices, and social and workplace factors on the employment of people with disabilities.

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Developed and conducted by the University of New Hampshire, the Kessler Foundation National Disability and Employment Surveys are an ongoing research effort to generate actionable information about the employment of people with disabilities.

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Past Research

Learn more about past research and grants.