Annual Disability Statistics Collection

The Annual Disability Statistics Compendium, Annual Report on People With Disabilities, the Build Your Own Statistics tool, and infographics gather disability statistics published by many federal agencies into one place. They’re helpful for lawmakers and others who are working on laws or policies about disabilities, and for those writing grants for programs for people with disabilities.

2024 Release

New this year

There are many new changes to the Annual Disability Statistics Collection this year. The HTML version of the Compendium is now accessible and downloadable. Both online and downloaded versions of the Compendium can be read by screen readers. We updated the tables in the Compendium to include more measures of accuracy, and rounded estimates to the nearest thousandths to make the tables easier to read. Instead of publishing the Supplement, this year we made an online tool where you can Build Your Own Statistics.


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Build Your Own Statistics

Find statistics previously published in the Supplement, including intersectional stats on race, age, gender, and disability.


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Annual Conference and Archive

View recordings and presentations from past Research on Disability events.

Collection Materials

display image for the Compendium from the 2024 Annual Disability Statistics Collection


Statistics in the Compendium are described for people ages 18-64, the working age. It also includes new measures of accuracy, such as margins of error and relative ratio, which are defined in the glossary.

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The Annual Report on People with Disabilities in America tracks the progress of people with disabilities using key social and economic indicators, and highlights increases or decreases for each indicator. The PDF is accessible.

Annual Report PDF

2024 Annual Disability Infographics