Resource Year Topic
Houtenville, A., & Brucker, D., (2012). Safety net and employment services participation for low-income working age persons with disabilities.
State-of-the-Science conference/StatsRRTC, Bethesda, MD.
2012 Employment
O’Day, B., Mann, D., Stapleton, D., & Buckland, K., (2012). The Transition to 21st Century Disability Policy in an Era of Fiscal Austerity: A Road Map.
Webinar forum sponsored by the Center for Studying Disability Policy, Washington, DC, January 20, 2012.
2012 Measurement
Livermore, G., Honeycutt, T., & Martin, F., (2012). Obstacles and opportunities: The U. S. economy, state VR programs, and SSDI beneficiaries.
Center for Studying Disability Policy Research Forum, Washington, DC, October 4, 2012.
2012 Employment
Livermore, G., (2012). Employment and economic well-being of people with disabilities before and after the Great Recession.
Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Fall Meeting, Washington, DC, November 8, 2012. Center for Studying Disability Policy Research…
2012 Employment
Stapleton, D., & Mann, D., (2012). A disability policy for the 21st century. The Hill’s Congress Blog, January 19, 2012.
January 19, 2012.
2012 Demographics
Mann, D., & Wittenburg, D., (2012).: Back to work: recent SSA employment demonstrations for people with disabilities.
This issue brief summarizes short-term impacts from four large scale- demonstration projects by the Social Security Administration designed to…
2012 Employment
Mann, D., & Stapleton, D., (2012). A roadmap to a 21st century disability policy.
Despite decades of increases in program participation and spending, the disability support infrastructure in the United States and the economic…
2012 Employment