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Annual Disability Statistics Collection Presentation
Presented by Shreya Paul at the National Disability Finance Coalition's Disability Finance Webinar on March 22, 2023.
2023 Demographics, Measurement
A Statistical Understanding of Disability in the LGBT Community
Surfus, C.R. (2023) Statistics and Public Policy.
2023 Demographics, Health, Measurement
Americans Aging With Disabilities Are More Likely to Have Multiple Chronic Conditions
Brucker, D. L., Lauer, E., & Boege, S. (2022). Journal of Disability Policy Studies.
2022 Demographics, Health
Houtenville, A. and Rafal, M. (2020). Annual Report on People with Disabilities in America: 2020. Durham, NH: University of New Hampshire, Institute on Disability.
Released at the Annual Disability Statistics Compendium Conference, February 2021
2020 Demographics
Brucker, D., (2014). Multidimensional poverty and safety net participation.
Stanford Center for Poverty and Inequality New Scholars conference, Stanford, CA, October 3, 2014.
2014 Demographics
Matulewicz, H., (2016). When Every Dollar Counts: Comparing Reported Earnings of Social Security Disability Program Beneficiaries in Survey and Administrative Records.
August 2016, Chicago, IL.
2016 Demographics
Mann, D., & Stapleton, D., (2011). Fiscal austerity and the transition to twenty-first century disability policy: A road map.
This project includes seven research studies to support University of New Hampshire’s Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Employment Policy...
2011 Demographics
Stapleton, D., & Mann, D., (2012). A disability policy for the 21st century. The Hill’s Congress Blog, January 19, 2012.
January 19, 2012.
2012 Demographics
Goodman, N., & Morris, M., (2013). Making change with incremental steps: Modifying adverse incentives to serving people with disabilities in the TANF program.
2014 Demographics
Goodman, N., & Morris, M., (2015). Financing transition services when everyone is the “payer of last resort”.
2015 Demographics