Resource Year Topic
Livermore, G., Houtenville, A., Stapleton, D., & Imparato, A., (2011). Federal spending for people with disabilities: continuing societies commitment while reducing the deficit.
Center for studying Disability Policy Research Forum, Washington, DC, June 8, 2011.
2011 Measurement
Houtenville, A., & Brucker, D., (2011). Safety net program participation and employment activities among working-age persons with disabilities.
Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Annual Conference, Washington, DC, November 3-5, 2011
2011 Employment
Houtenville, A., & Brucker, D., (2011). Program participation after job loss and the role of disability.
Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, November 19-21, 2011.
2011 Employment
Houtenville, A., & Brucker, D., (2011). Safety net program participation for working-age persons with disabilities.
Mathematica Policy Forum Webinar Number 15: Federal Spending for People with Disabilities: Continuing Society's Commitment While Reducing the…
2011 Employment
Stapleton, D., & Wittenburg, D., (2011). The SSDI trust fund: New solutions to an old problem.
Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) the main federal program providing cash assistance to workers with disabilities is facing a major fiscal…
2011 Education
Stapleton, D., & Livermore, G., (2011). Costs, cuts, and consequences: Charting a new course for working-age people with disabilities.
2011 Employment
Mann, D., & Stapleton, D., (2011). Fiscal austerity and the transition to twenty-first century disability policy: A road map.
This project includes seven research studies to support University of New Hampshire’s Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Employment…
2011 Demographics