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Markesich, J., Feldman, S., & Rafferty, W., (2020). Compendium of Disability Data Collection Methods.
The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability Demographics and Statistics (StatsRRTC) has created the Compendium of Disability Data…
2020 Measurement
Groomes, D., Stensrud, R., & Vandergoot, D., (2013). Promoting effective data interpretation of customer satisfaction by state rehabilitation councils. Journal of Rehabilitation Administration, 37(2), 109-114.
Article not available online.
2013 Measurement
Houtenville, A., & Brucker, D., (2013). Participation in safety-net programs and the utilization of employment services among working-age persons with disabilities. Journal of Disability Policy Studies, 25(2), 91-105.
DOI: 10.1177/1044207312474308
2013 Employment
Wittenburg, D., Mann, D., & Thompkins, A., (2013). The disability system and programs to promote employment for people with disabilities. IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 2:4.
2013 Employment
Vandergoot, D., & Bruinekool, M., (2013). Consumer satisfaction with VR services. Journal of Rehabilitation Administration, 37(2), 73-78.
Article not available online
2013 Employment
Brucker, D., & Houtenville, A., (2014). Living on the edge: Assessing the economic impacts of potential disability benefit reductions for Social Security disability beneficiaries. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 41(3), 209-223.
2014 Demographics
Schimmel Hyde, J., & Livermore, G., (2014). Gaps in timely access to care among workers by disability status: will the patient protection and affordable care act reforms change the landscape? Journal of Disability Policy Studies, 26(4), 221-231.
DOI: 10.1177/1044207314542005
2014 Employment
Schimmel Hyde, J., Honeycutt, T., & Stapleton, D., (2014). The relationship between timely delivery of vocational rehabilitation services and subsequent federal disability benefit application and receipt. IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 3:15.
DOI: 10.1186/2193-9004-3-15
2014 Employment
Livermore, G., Wittenburg, D., & Neumark, D., (2014). Finding alternatives to disability benefit receipt. IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 3:14.
DOI: 10.1186/2193-9004-3-14
2014 Demographics
Brucker, D., Mitra, S., Chaitoo, N., & Mauro, J., (2014). More likely to be poor whatever the measure: Working-age persons with disabilities in the United States. Social Science Quarterly, 96(1), 273-296.
DOI: 10.1111/ssqu.12098
2014 Demographics